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To the Hills!

The Giggly Hills, that is.

Saturday, as a perfect end to our "CON is over; let's not move again 'til autumn" lethargy, leorathesane and I packed up a mini-picnic (hooray for cookies from Fireroast!), biked to the Giggly Hills (which I've now also seen called "Giggling Hills", which is more dignified and less fun), and spent several hours mostly goofing off (when Leora posts her pictures as part of SoFoBoMo, check out the ones that look like I'm twirling around. Actually, what I was doing there was twirling around).

And because lj doesn't want to include the picture I tried to put in this entry, I'm bypassing that silliness and just saying, "Hey! Pictures at Flickr!"

(This is also the first event of the Let's Go Ride a Bike Summer Games that I've actually managed to write about in time. Hooray overbooked summer. ::eyeroll:)

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I've never even heard of the Giggly Hills before, but I find the idea charming.

We should have girls' bike picnic there sometime.

Aaaand...writing that makes me feel ever so frilly.

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